McLaren Lapeer

Ambulatory Care Center

When McLaren Lapeer needed to grow to meet community needs, they turned to Kramer Management Group to help get the job done. A 90,000 square foot Ambulatory Care Center was needed on the existing campus to consolidate physicians’ practices and provide additional patient care space in the hospital by relocating executive offices to the new addition. KMG led McLaren Lapeer through a competitive process for selecting partners for Construction Management and Design Services to establish the project scope, budget, and timeline. KMG worked with the team through a site selection process involving several options, conducting a cost-benefit analysis for each, so that McLaren could find the right solution to meet their needs.

The addition under construction will house occupational therapy and rehabilitation, an imaging department, pediatric and family practice suites, multi-disciplinary clinics, and endoscopy practices. Additionally, a Facilities Operation Center will house campus facilities equipment and staff. With such a large-scale operation, it has been critical to ensure the cost effectiveness of each stage, and KMG has monitored every step to deliver the project in a very cost effective manner. KMG has taken great care to keep McLaren Lapeer apprised of the project status, advising client leadership in important decisions, providing quality control, and managing the procurement and installation process for critical items such as medical equipment, furniture, fixtures, and technology.

The new facility includes approximately 30,000 square feet of shelled space to enable McLaren Lapeer to add new service lines and additional physicians. McLaren is a trusted name in the medical community for its service regions, and KMG is proud to be a trusted advisor, resource, and partner for McLaren to help the organization grow and flourish.