Posted by: admin December 19th, 2017

BWL to build $500 million natural gas power plant in Delta Twp

December 19, 2017 at 12:54 PM

LANSING — The Lansing Board of Water & Light plans to build a $500 million natural gas-fired power plant at the site of the coal-fired Erickson Power Plant in Delta Township, part of its drive to reduce the city's dependence on coal.

Construction of the new plant will create 1,200 temporary jobs. The project is expected to conclude by 2021.

BWL General Manager Dick Peffley said the utility reviewed more than half a dozen possible locations for the 250-megawatt gas-fired plant before deciding on the Erickson site.

“It’s just more cost-effective to be able to reuse the infrastructure we already have,” Peffley said.

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